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        About SOCMC
        socmc company not only promoted the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, but also awakened the demand for machining precision of mechanical parts.socmc company recognized the need to manufacture precision instruments, socmc business gradually grow and develop. We thrive in the field of Metrology, becoming more and more professional as we move forward.
        Our expertise provides you with the best measurement solution. Over the years, socmc products have been involved in many fields. Our measurement knowledge creates benefits for customers, such as in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering and precision machinery, automation equipment technology, socmc program quality more professional. In a variety of measurement tasks for our customers to solve the most such as automation systems and professional measurement software.
        Wherever you need us, we're here. With the growing economy, socmc, as our customers expect, in the world. We have established a global marketing network, in all parts of the country first socmc instruments are guaranteed to provide you with the best quality service.
        SOCMC instrument figure: Whenever and wherever you need us, we are at your side.

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